Cocooning gym class – I’ll pass…

under-blanket-dog-wallpaperA few weeks back a client asked me what I thought about cocooning. I had no clue what he was talking about. I don’t often think about the metamorphosis of caterpillar to monarch – why should I? But then I saw the newspaper in his hand. ‘Great’, I said to myself.  He’s read about some new fitness fad and and now I have to talk about it objectively while trying to fight the urge to roll my eyes. I visited the coffee bar quickly before being educated on the latest gym gimmick. Continue reading


1/2 IM BASE training considerations


Here’s an excerpt from a triathlete client’s weekly e-mail as he enters the Base Training period for his first season as a 1/2 IM athlete. He just completed his first round of assessments.

The text below provides insight on how long-course training is different than short-course in terms of energy systems used and training objectives. It also speaks to the need to focus on chronic training adaptions on one’s aerobic threshold (AeT) and the importance of consistency in training. Continue reading